Malabud (malabud) wrote in padmeanakin,

For Would-be Purveyors and Recommenders of Excellent SW Fic

Attention Star Wars Fans!

Star Wars is about to be retired as a full-time fandom on crack_van, the best fic-recommendation community on LJ! I was the most recent recommender, so I cannot sign up for another go-around at this time. If you know of excellent and complete Star Wars fics that have not yet been recommended on crack_van (check the memories here and here), go sign up!

Star Wars is certainly a big enough fandom to warrant continued full-time status. I know there are those of you out there who would enjoy recommending some of your favorite SW fics. Do not delay! If no one signs up by January 1, Star Wars will be retired. So, go sign up!

Cross-posted to various SW communities that deal with fic.
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